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Services & Technical Support

What we offer

Essentially we offer customers best-in-class and competitively-priced servicing for their Wiesser machines, delivered by highly-qualified servicing engineers who can be trusted to provide a professional and courteous service…arrive in good time to undertake the planned work on your machine…and, on completion of the work, provide feedback on the status of your machine and highlight any future issues that could affect its performance.

We provide our customers with two different machine tool servicing options:

Mills Service Contracts

Service Contracts are a popular option for customers with CNC machines that are out of warranty because, in addition to delivering first-class servicing, they provide the added incentive of discounts on approved parts and labour call out charges on any subsequent or follow-up visits.

With an Annual Service Contract you can decide how many service visits you need during the 12 month period. (Don’t worry we can advise you on this based on how the machine is being used and how many hours it is operating – e.g. hours per week/month etc.).

Once you have decided on the number of visits required we’ll do the rest – book the visits, sort the paperwork and schedule the visits in with our servicing engineers.