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Wiesser VMC640 CNC Machining Center

Wiesser VMC640

Standard Features:
Strongest Meehanite Casting
High Speed and  High Rigidity Maximum surface quality,
Strong and Wide casting last longer rigit Casting,
Mitsubishi M80 controller, 10.4" LCD
Spindle speed 6,000 / 8,000 / 10,000 / 12,000 / 15,000rpm (depend on machine model)
Automatic tool changer
Full splash guard
Heat exchanger for electric cabinet
Automatic lubricating system
Spindle oil cooler
Spindle air blast system (M code)
Spindle air blow system
Spindle orientation
Coolant gun and air gun
Leveling kits
Removable manual & pulse generator (M.P.G.)
LED light
Rigid tapping
Coolant system and tank
Cycle finish indicator and alarm lights
RS-232C interface with cable (10m)
Tool Box
Operational and maintenance manual

Wiesser VMC640 CNC Machining Center
Machine Specifications:
Table Size 650 x 400 (mm)
Table T-Slot 18 x 5 x 80 (mm)
Table Loading Capacity 350 (kg)
X Axis Travel 600 (mm)
Y Axis Travel 410 (mm)
Z Axis Travel 550 (mm)
Spindle Nose to Table 150 ~ 650 (mm)
Spindle Center to Column 575 (mm)
Spindle Motor Power 7.5 (kW)
Spindle Taper  BT-40
Spindle Speed 10.000 (rpm) 
Spindle Transmission Type Belt / *Opt. Direct Drive
Mazgazine Type Arm Type
Tool Storage Capacity 24 (pcs.)
Maximum Tool Dia 80 (mm)
Maximum Tool Lenght 300 (mm)
Maximum Tool Weight 7 (kg)
Tool Changing Time  (T-T) 1.8 (sec.)
Axis Motor X*Y*Z 1.6*1.6*3 (kW)
X Guide Type 2 (pcs.) * Linear Roller Guide (30mm)
Y Guide Type 2 (pcs.) * Linear Roller Guide (30mm)
Z Guide Type 2 (pcs.) * Linear Roller Guide (30mm)
Ball Screw Dia. X*Y*Z 32*32*32 (mm)
Rapid Feed  X*Y*Z 48*48*48 (m/min)
Cutting Feed  X*Y*Z 12 (m/min) 
Positioning Accuracy ±0.005 (mm) / 300 (mm)
Repeatability ±0.002 (mm)
Machine Weight 3.800 (kg)